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Dy-Mark PROTECH® - International Award Winner

[Posted: 17 Feb, 2016]

Innovation Package Design Winner The Thai Aerosol Association (TAA) held its first annual Aerosol Exhibition & Gala Awards Dinner on December 4, 2015 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Fifteen out of the association’s 22 member companies exhibited. These included Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson and Unilever. Dy-Mark was awarded the Innovation: Package Design award for the Dy-Mark PROTECH Cleaners and Lubricants range. READ MORE...

Dy-Mark PROTECH® - Release

[Posted: 6 Feb, 2015]

The Dy-Mark PROTECH® range has been the culmination of three meticulous years of product research and development. During this period, Dy-Mark worked closely with specialist chemists and manufacturers in the industrial maintenance sector to produce 15 world-class cleaners and lubricants.

Working with global leaders in actuator and valve development, Dy-Mark designed a world first, 2 way lockable actuator, which provides both a normal spray and extension-tube spray for hard to reach areas.  There is also a selection of products that feature a 360º valve, providing increased versatility in spray applications.


Dy-Mark marks 50 years of Innovation

[Posted: 24 Jul, 2014]

Proudly marking our 50th year of innovation, Dy-Mark predominately focuses on the production and distribution of high quality marking paints and coatings to the industrial sector.

Earlier this year, Dy-Mark’s own Revolution™ Enamel won first place in the Award for Innovation (Aerosol Package Design) at the Aerosol Industry Awards 2014 in Sydney.


Dy-Mark now distributes RID Insect Repellent

[Posted: 1 Sep, 2013]

Dy-Mark now distributes RID Insect Repellent to the industrial sector. Providing heavy duty protection for long exposure times, RID Insect Repellent is specially formulated to repel insects in the toughest conditions.

RID Insect Repellent contains the necessary protection agents to fight against insects in highly exposed workplaces areas. Containing anti-septic and anti-inflammatory agents Triclosan and Chamomile, RID Insect Repellent is perfect for everyday protection.


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