How can I get international sales advice?

A. Please call the Dy-Mark Head Office on +61 7 3327 3000 for further advice.

How can I obtain a hard-copy catalogue?

A. You can request one by sending us a message through the form under the Contact tab in the main menu. Please include your full name and postal address, as well as your contact phone number OR you can call +61 7 3327 3000.

Can I weld through Dy-Mark Zinc Guard™ Cold Galvanising Coating?

A. No, Zinc Guard Cold Galvanising Coating is NOT a weld through primer.

Can I use the brush-on Dy-Mark Zinc-Gal through an airless spray?

A. Yes, you can. However, it may need to be diluted.

How long will Dy-Mark Spray & Mark last in an average application?

A. Depending on the surface, application conditions and level of UV exposure, standard colours will last up to 12 months outdoors. Fluoro colours will up to 2 months outdoors.

How do you remove Spray and Mark from concrete?

A. It is a very hard task but it can be partly removed by using Xylene, General Purpose Thinners or Graffiti Remover with a wire/stiff bristle brush. It may not be completely removed but will significantly fade the colour. Also you can try a high pressure hose or concrete grinder/sander.

Does the Linemarking machine fit the Spray and Mark cans?

A. No, the only suitable cans that fit the Line Master are the 500g Line Marking paint, 500g Line Marking Professional or the 500g Turfmaster.

Can Mine Marking paint be used in underground mines?

A. Only Mine Marking Non-Flammable marking out paint is recommended for use underground as it is non-flammable.

What advantages can the Dy-Mark PROTECH® lockable actuator offer?

1. The Dy-Mark lockable actuator can be set to lock position which prevents accidental spraying.
2. The actuator has the option of 2 spray settings; normal or extension tube for hard to reach areas.
3. The actuator includes a fold down extension tube which can’t be misplaced or lost.

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